Saturday, June 24, 2006

Extra Office Hours

With Thursday's deadline for the mid-term paper in sight, I hope that at this point you have your thesis clearly stated, a draught of your all-important opening paragraph, and an outline of your essay's structure (how many paragraphs you will have, what the specific content of each will be, how the logic & transitions of each cohere, and an approximation of the sentence order.)

For help with any points of technicality, I will be in office hours this week as follows:

Monday, 12:00-3:00.
Tuesday, 10:30- 11:20, 1:45-3:00
Wendesday, 12:00-3:00
Thursday and Friday as usual.

I can also arrange individual appointments those three days from three o'clock until a quarter to midnight.

1 comment:

RobT said...

Hi Steve,

Your English 103 certainly looks a lot more fun than the one I took oh so many years ago. I do hope you at least touch on the fact that a famous Viennese neurologist, Dr. S. Freud, relied heavily on Greek tragedy in the development of his theory of mind, and I don't just mean Oedipus Rex.

Nice to see Aristotle's Poetics on a reading list.

Rob Tarzwell