Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mid-Term Essay Criteria

The mid term paper, fifteen hundred words in length, is due June 29th in lecture. This assignment requires you to apply the views of any one of our three writers on Drama -- Plato, Aristotle, or Dr. Johnson -- to any of our three dramas assigned for reading to date: Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, Shakespeare's Henry V, George Bernard Shaw's St. Joan. Put another way, you are to analyse any one of these three plays according to principles, values and ideas of your choice of the three great theorists. Your analysis must include direct reference to three specific insights from course lecture: you will identify these three insights using authorised footnote or endnote format.

Your esssay must conform to the English Department Style Guide (permanently linked under the "Permanent & Impermanent" here on the blog.) Your paper will be graded according to the strength & originality of its analysis, the structure, arrangement & rational cohesion of its argument, and the correctness of its English grammar.

In lecture Tuesday June 12th, I will go over these criteria & demonstrate effective essay-writing mechanics. You are encouraged to visit your tutorial leader during Office Hours to discuss the conception of your essay, and, subsequently, to go over a draught of your thesis paragraph; again, during Office Hours.

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